Your personal trainer is on YouTube

n 1982 a new format appeared that would revolutionize the audiovisual world more than expected: the first fitness video by Jane Fonda – who was 45 years old at the time -. A video that supposed a social and technological revolution . Social because until then it was assumed that women should not have muscles and almost did not go to the gym, and technological because it was key to the popularization of home video.

From that moment, fitness and gymnastics videos in general have not stopped increasing. Today we are living a new boom in YouTube , maybe caused by the crisis, since in any case it is cheaper than the subscription to the gym, or maybe because of the high quality of some of the coaches that we found on YouTube. In addition, the fashions in youtube are the same as in gyms. Now the Crossfit triumphs , very hard interválicos training, and the Zumba classes, a choreography with aerobic elements.

One of the most talked about videos is Insanity , an extreme workout created by Shaun T, a Hollywood fitness trainer, that promises spectacular physical change in 60 days. The workouts are hard, but the results are obvious if we take into account the innumerable videos of before and after that users hang up on the network , which also have millions of visits.

And if you’re already in shape, Youtube also suggests you improve. An example of this is Frank Medrano’s Calisthenics workouts . His trainings are impossible to follow for most mortals, but despite this millions of people look at them praising his insurmountable physical form and the impeccable bodily control he possesses.

In any case if you are looking for an affordable training in which you do not end up dead every day, you will find many options with channels carried by professionals. BeFit , Sixpack Shorcuts or Body Rock count visits by millions. Although if we look for specific training, the most successful are the chest and abdominal , since everyone wants the usual chocolate bar .

But obviously we found all the styles of exercises like the Pilates class of Blogilates , the yoga classes of DoYouYoga , the zumba classes of Fitness Fiesta . In any case, on YouTube you will find specialists for any type of training , from exercises for girls to people dressed as dog training , through exercises to strengthen the face , because if you are not on YouTube you will not find it in your gym either.

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