When the mom or dad’s mobile is the child’s toy

There comes a day when, as a father or mother, you see yourself in a situation where the last thing you want or need is for your son to upset those around him . The situation you can choose you, because surely you have seen more than once in one of them.

You explain a story to him, you tell him a story, you play a little bit, but the moment comes when he starts getting tired of being there and, for lack of better ideas, you end up sticking your hand in your pocket or purse to look for your mobile . That day your son discovers a small window to another world and that day is the beginning of a relationship in which, it could happen, the mobile of dad or mom ends up becoming the child’s toy .

The first games

At first it is something occasional, you are just opening some of the casual games that you installed a while ago so that it touches a little, discovers the operation, entertains and even passes some level.

But time passes, the cell phone works very well as a “silencer” and it starts to happen that the child, as if it were a psychological drug, began to claim it each time before. Yes, yes, it is he who asks for it . You remember that at first he was satisfied and entertained with you, but you quickly realize that since you gave him free access to your mobile it is no longer a matter of offering it when there is no alternative, it is that he already knows that you are carrying it and He asks for it, or he takes it from you.

The following games

Then you see that your games start to seem boring and, we all falter sometimes or our child appears and hooligan inside, we see each other suddenly in the app store looking for games adapted to the age of our son. We download some and even put them in a folder with your name !

You also end up putting the YouTube application in that folder , where you will soon be subscribed to channels full of children’s videos that seem to chase you (they are not only on TV at home, on your computer or on the Tablet, now also on the Internet. mobile).

So is. Your phone already contains a folder with the name of your child, where you can find games adapted to your age so you do not have to touch what you do not have to touch and so you can have fun with your toy.

Goodbye, battery, goodbye

And the consequence of all this is that you soon realize that every time you leave your child’s mobile, the battery percentage decreases a lot . You, with the maniacal that you are with the subject of the battery, always suffering because you think that the day should end, at least, with 15 or 20% of battery, in case you had to make or receive an emergency call, you give account that you still have several hours a day and that the mobile is dangerously close, if you have not exceeded, that 20% limit.

Cold sweat, discomfort, where could I now plug the charger and when you get home an Internet search to get an external battery of two million mAh to carry always loaded, not to suffer for it.

That day you realize that your mobile phone has been practically monopolized by your child, full of children’s apps, children’s videos and children’s prints on the screen. That day you join the parents’ club with a borrowed phone (“it’s my son’s, but he lends it to me at times”) and that day you realize that it can not be.

How to avoid that our mobile is the toy of our children

In order not to reach this point, what must be done is to avoid going from one stage to the next. We remember the scene and we go to the beginning of time, to that day when we gave it access because we did not think of anything else. If we know that we will spend a lot of time with him and that we will have to entertain him, we must take everything possible and indispensable to do it without using the mobile phone. It is not a question of looking like the orchestra man or Santa Claus at the beginning of the work, but we can take a toy or story to help us with the task . If not, bring some games, songs or creativity to memorize to entertain you. The more we play with our son, the less he needs the screen .

In case we finally agree and do not control the first stage (try it, really, think “how did our parents, who did not have a cell phone?”), We must control the second: do not download games for them . Let him play the ones you have and, if he gets tired, another butterfly thing. “There’s no more, son, that’s what the mobiles have, that they’re bored to death. Look at me, hundreds of thousands of applications available and I only use the Feisbu, the Guasa, the Mail and the GPS to not take you to the child’s birthday party that is not. “

If we have not been able to control ourselves , if the child already has YouTube full of Caillous, Doras, Peps Pigs, and he spends the day playing his games, then you have it raw, but not impossible. A child always prefers to play with his parents before putting his eyes on a screen , unless you are more boring than the music of the elevators. Cúrratelo, ask for help, read books with children’s games , read your stories to explain them to your son. Be a fun and communicative father (or mother) and play with your child and / or tell stories, good, imaginative, funny, trapping. Children love magic, the incredible, the amazing. Have not you read Roald Dahl? Well, start there. It will give you great stories and many ideas. And other days, just spend time, do not go over stimulating and end up thinking that the real world is one full of imaginary creatures.

Come on, that in summary, the phone does not stop being that device to which the child resorts when he gets bored, because he sees nothing better to do . In our hand is to help you find that “something better to do”, and if at first it is difficult to find it, which is normal, it is better that we are the ones who start the games and make them possible. Thus, the child will play much more with us, much less the artificial fun of a screen (which eats our precious battery!).

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