What data does the Android backup automatically?

When we change the smartphone we no longer have to copy all our data back into the new device . Google saves much of our personal information, such as contacts, to facilitate this step. Let’s see exactly what data is stored in the automatic backup and what data is not.

What Google saves for us

Remember when, in the days of the first mobile phones, we had to copy all the contacts from one phone to another? Although we usually passed them through the SIM card, this system did not allow save more than the name and the telephone number .

Nowadays, with our Google account, all our contacts are automatically saved with all the data of each one (address, email, several phones per person, notes, birthday dates, etc.). We will just have to enter our account in the new phone and all this information will be synchronized automatically. But there is much more.

Google (and Android) is much more than a contact list . With native applications like Drive, Gmail, Maps or Google Calendar, we have all our digital life on the smartphone, and all under one account. Therefore, by entering this will synchronize contacts, as we have said, but also our emails, the calendar and documents of all kinds that we have in the Google application in the cloud, as well as our maps and saved locations.

Photo . Maybe one of the most valuable possessions we have. Google Photos allows us to have a backup in the cloud of all the photos we want. Easy and automatic

Google also saves some system settings: Wi-Fi network passwords , screen settings … Or Chrome browser settings , such as favorites.

Finally, Google saves any app that we have purchased (downloaded or purchased) in Google Play , and that we can download automatically when we configure the new device.

What Google does not keep

Basically, Google does not save data from third-party applications. For example, the conversations and photos of WhatsApp (which are saved from the app itself). Neither will the SMS, the most personalized configurations, the security data such as screen lock, fingerprints or Google Authenticator’s own data be saved .

In summary, Android makes a backup of our most important data automatically , although in some cases (such as Google Photos) we must activate it ourselves.

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