The DisneyCollector phenomenon: what do toy unboxings have to fascinate millions of children

For years we have been astonished to the phenomena that have been emerging from YouTube . Teen stars who go on to international fame like Justin Bieber, youtubers with more teen fans than the fashion singer, games of hours with millions of viewings, and now we have reached the last phenomenon: the unpacking of toys.

Unpacking videos of toys , unlike the previous ones, are aimed at an even younger population group: children of three years. Currently the parents of newborns have already lived most of their lives with access to the internet and this is evident in their choices. A tactic used to entertain babies is to put children’s videos on YouTube, but the curious thing about babies – or children under 3 years old – is that they love watching the same videos over and over again shooting the counters.

The success of the unpacking of toys

So short videos of cartoons such as Peppa Pig , Timmy Time or Pocoyo , videos of children’s songs such as Cantajuegos , Mainasons , or the Pio chick -my niece became very fond of the German version for more inri- are very successful. Although the children’s videos that have exceeded all expectations and have surprised a lot of parents are the videos of unpacking toys. Especially the surprise toys that come inside eggs -either with chocolate or without it-.

The proliferation of these videos on YouTube is unstoppable, as well as the number of visits they accumulate. DisneyCollector , one of the channels with more circulation in this area, has videos with more than 130 million views , numbers to which few channels arrive and but the toy unpackers get millions and millions of visits with relative ease. And the most curious thing is that the more absurd the toy – eggs with a doll of less than a euro inside -, the more visitors get.

The DisneyCollector channel , now called DC Toys Collector, is one of the most watched YouTube channels internationally. His videos accumulate more than 4.144 million viewings and all this without anyone knowing who is the woman behind everything and who manages to hook children with such expertise.

A phenomenon that surprises

Parents attend this phenomenon with astonishment , without understanding too much because their children are fascinated by hands that open toys. They never see the face of the unpacker, but the children are dazzled by the toys and the uncertainty of what will appear inside each of the packages .

Some see this phenomenon as a first stage of consumerism but it may be more ingrained than that, and it is simply that human beings enjoy the innate intrigue of seeing what will come out of the box. Videos have it all: they create curiosity, suspense and the excitement of receiving a gift . Probably that’s why on the internet we can see all kinds of unpacking videos, from expensive handbags , to bic pens , to any piece of technology such as Lenovo Yoga’s unboxing .

Some believe that this is the modern version of the toy store catalog from when we were little, but surely there is something else, something well ingrained in human psychologythat is unleashed with this type of videos, something that children do not repress and that we can see in pure state when they react to these videos, hence our surprise and intrigue to understand the phenomenon.


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