So you can save unlimited photos in the cloud: these are the best services of the moment

Smartphones, instant access to the internet, many megapixel cameras, selfie sticks … It is impossible to deny that all these elements are part of the lives of many people, mobile photography is a phenomenon that grows without stopping.

The problem comes when we want to store all those memories that we have taken care of with the smartphone camera and there is no free space in the phone’s memory. The solution is to use online storage services , but not just any one: there are already services that offer unlimited storage capacity. We will know the best and some tricks.

Google Photos, store photos in the cloud “without limits” for free

Who does not know Google? It has multiple services used daily by millions of people: the search engine, Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, etc. But one of its most recent services is Google Photos , the evolution of the photo gallery that included the Android system by default in previous versions.

Google Photos incorporates many editing tools , as well as serving as a gallery, but its greatest asset is the ability to store photographs in the cloud on Google’s own servers.

A few months ago, Google announced that Google Photos will be able to store all our photos in an unlimited way thanks to the application of smartphones and the use of a special function.

Tip: store your photos unlimitedly in Google Photos

Google brings to each account, in its free plan, 15 GB of space available to store all types of content: Gmail emails, files and documents from Google Drive and also all photos from Google Photos.

The new form of Google Photos to store unlimited photos (although the free space is limited) is to select ” High quality ” in the options it offers when activating the function of automatic storage in the cloud.

It has a trick: the photos will be stored with high quality, but not with all the original quality of the file, that is, they will be compressed using an algorithm from Google that guarantees practically the same image quality in a much smaller space.

We can always choose to upload our photos with the Original quality , but then we will use the 15 GB limit with which our Google account counts. In summary, we will have unlimited space, but following that one option of quality necessarily.

QuickPic, free TB to store all your photos in the cloud

We jump to the next most interesting option to store photographs in the cloud in an “unlimited” way, although in this case there is a limit. The fact is that this limit is so immense that you can practically speak of a service with unlimited capacity.

QuickPic is a photo gallery that was established as the perfect alternative to the old Android photo gallery when it became Google Photos and began adding more cumbersome functions for users who were already used to another way of looking for their photographs in the smartphone

QuickPic helps us to review and share clearly and cleanly our photographs stored on the device. It is as simple as it is intuitive and practical, and it has great success nowadays. Precisely because of this, the creators have been encouraged to add one more reason for their users to trust.

Tip: Earn up to 5 TB of free online storage on QuickPic

With just register on your platform, for free, you can access 2 GB of space to host your images, but the surprise comes if you decide to collaborate with other friends with the codes that the platform will provide when registering.

If you insert a friend’s code, QuickPic will automatically add 1 TB of additional free spaceto your account, and if your friends add your code, you can get up to 5 TB in total. It is not an unlimited space, as Google Photos promises, but 5 TB, at present, it seems an impossible capacity to exhaust and even less with photographs of our smartphone.

Other alternatives “almost unlimited”

There are many popular platforms to host our pictures in the cloud, but unfortunately virtually none is unlimited , and even less free as Google Photos.

The best known are currently Dropbox , Google Drive itself , box , Microsoft OneDrive and some as interesting as hubic , all with applications for smartphones. All these platforms have free hosting plans, yes, with some limitations.

As we can see, none offers more than 25 GB of hosting for free, although, curiously, some of them started in this field facilitating nonsensical space capabilities for years, as was the case of box, which offered 50 GB free, or OneDrive (Formerly SkyDrive) that offered 25 GB.

The thing changes if we consider acquiring a payment plan in these same platforms. There are different types in each of them, but we are going to focus on the most affordable plans that are closest to the idea of ​​”unlimited accommodation”.

All the plans we show you are around 10 euros monthly cost , except for the hubic, which costs 5 euros per month. Another constant is the capacity: virtually all offer 1 TB of accommodation, except box that offers unlimited space and hubic that bets on 10 TB.

For making these monthly contributions, the contracting users have exclusive advantagesin each platform: in Dropbox they will have greater control over the files, in Google the space can be shared with all its services, in box it will be necessary to have 3 users, in OneDrive it is included access to Office 365 and 5 TB are distributed for 5 users and in hubic we still enjoy the absence of any limitation.

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