How to search on YouTube: 13 tricks to be an expert

The second most visited website in the world – after Google’s own search engine, whose property it is -. Created by three former PayPal employees in 2005, with more than one billion current users, YouTube is the leading video platform and one of the largest content generators of all time .

But YouTube is not exactly the most intuitive interface in the world. While most “tricks” for Google searches are well known, the video giant hides juicy secrets that require a bit of curiosity. The platform has managed, little by little, to become an essential tool, either for searches, listening to music, discovering artists, even as a remote video editor without the need to install any application . Let’s see a handful of those tricks that will make us, if we are not already, become addicted to YouTube.

1. Starting with the basics

The interface. Every time we start a video on YouTube we have the opportunity to choose the configuration. In the lower right corner there are always 3 icons: the menu, with a gear shape, a small rectangle and a square marked by the corners.

With the first one we can assign automatic video playback, the appearance or disappearance of the annotations that the author of the video has placed -the majority are usually links to other videos-, the reproduction speed, which should be “normal” even though 1.5x is much more fun and quality of reproduction, which refers to the number of pixels per inch, based on the resolution. Additionally, a fourth icon appears, that of subtitles, from which we can both play the assigned subtitles, as well as automatically translate it in almost any language. Although the results sometimes leave a lot to be desired.

Regarding the other two icons, the rectangle is to enable the cinema mode , putting the largest screen and the square is to enable the full screen.

2. Convert Youtube in our music player

Through the application UpNext Music Player , exclusive extension for Chrome, we can use YouTube as if it were Spotify. To the right of the navigation bar will appear a new icon and, from there, we can control the music of the videos, create a playlist , synchronize with our profile ( scrobbling ), and receive or deactivate notifications with each change of song.

3. Listen to full discs

Do you really prefer to listen to individual songs? If the lists of the previous application have not served you, YouTube itself has full discs uploaded by kind users. There are two ways. The simple one: put the name of the album you are looking for and add a “full album” to the search . Or simply access the album section of the artist you are looking for and choose which one you prefer. Of course, sometimes some songs are deleted – for copyright infringement or by the account that has uploaded the video. Before giving the play you have to check if all the songs are available.

4. Creating the gifs of tomorrow

If you find a part of a video that you liked so much that you would want to watch it in loop again or again, or if you are looking for a gif of a video and you do not know if it exists, this tool has just made you happy the day: first write the letters « GIF »at the beginning of the YouTube URL, what would become and, from there, you will be redirected to the web ‘ Gifs com ‘. We can also do the reverse: paste the URL of the video from the web . We just have to edit the fragment, the duration, give it a name and voilà, we will have a gif of the video that we like the most. Then we can upload them to Giphy or Imgur and make the Internet a better place.

5. Use shortcuts: Youtube for experts

This application responds to key shortcuts. Here are the ones that work today:

  • K = pause the video. Another press and you will play again
  • J (or left arrow) = delay the video 10 seconds
  • L (or right arrow) = forward 10 seconds
  • Number 0 = jump to the beginning of the video
  • Numbers 1 to 9 = refer to the percentage (from 10% to 90%) of the video from which you can start watching it
  • M = deactivate the sound (from the “mute” command)

6. Download the video

The best option would be to install the jDownloader application and, thanks to its link grabber, indicate the path of the video. This way we can automatically download the video in the highest possible quality, the independent audio or the header image of the video.

But there are other more immediate options: we write, as we did before with gif , the letters “SS”. Quiet, the Internet will not redirect us to any “Nazi Defense squad”, but to the web , which will allow us to choose the quality from a contextual menu, with the tremendous convenience of archiving if we want only the video, audio or image . And there would still be more options: Peggo, Ummy or SaveDeo.

7. For a YouTube clean of comments and distractions

The clean interface – whoever remembers the famous ‘Clean Youtube’ extension – is already available from the application itself. Although is much more functional.

In this way, the window will become an interface similar to the version for smart TV . The mouse cursor disappears in favor of the arrow keys. Space bar to pause, ‘Enter’ to confirm some option, ‘Esc’ to take a step back, ‘S’ key to go to the search engine directly or ‘G’ to open the options menu.

If, on the other hand, we want to access the mobile version – some videos are not available in desktop mode and it is a good way to avoid this restriction – we just have to type the letter “m” between triple triple voucher and Youtube, staying like this: « ».

8. Erasing fingerprints …

To delete the YouTube history we need to access ‘Menu’ and from there to ‘history’. From there we can eliminate, one by one, ticándolos with an X, all the videos that are bothering us the statistics or simply we do not want to see so that we do not appear similar . If we still want to continue deleting the trail, we must go to Google and look up the Youtube history ( from here ) to delete everything, until the searches. Tabula rasa

9. … And throwing the padlock

Security is very important. From our ‘user menu’ we can access the privacy settings and check the boxes to save our sensitive information to third parties, so that no one will see what channels we are subscribed to, our history or our contact information for the account.

On the other hand, on YouTube there is very little censorship . Yes to pornography – although elusive – and to a lesser extent to explicit content regarding violence, but you can always find material riddled with insults. If we want our children to use Youtube, there is an Android application called ‘ Youtube Kids ‘, with content focused exclusively on the dwarves of the house.

10. Floating video, double screen

It is clear that YouTube gets along well with Chrome, the leading browser. There are two applications of the Google platform, it is inevitable. Well, Chrome allows from the Floating YouTube application to view a video from a pop-up screen, over the rest of the screens. The configuration is identical to that of the original screen and this add-on is available on almost all browsers : Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Chrome and Firefox.

11. Good hearing to recognize songs

When we see a video clip that we love but in the attached information does not appear the title or author of the song, the usual is to search among the comments that an expert illustrious. But sometimes the comments are disabled. In order not to be left with the uncertainty, can help us, identifying any song or melody that is playing in the video. All you have to do is copy the URL and paste it into the search box of that web. If the application fails, we can also try Audentifi .

12. Children of high definition

Everyone prefers to watch videos in HD. If we want this to be a default configuration, we must download the Chrome or Mozilla Firefox add-on to automatically see all the content in HD.

On the other hand, from we can make testers and access the maximum video configurations (4K, 60 frames per second, etc.). We just have to register. And on the other side of the coin would be those who do not have a fast internet connection. We can activate the ‘Playback’ mode from here if our connection is very slow: it will buffer part of the video and will not start playing until it has a stable percentage of it. In addition, there is the Smarter application , which lets you load the video while it is paused to avoid constant buffering .

13. Embed, share and be social

Let no one panic: embedding means inserting the code of the video on a specific page. To get that code, we only have to access, under the description of the video, the ‘share’ tab and, from there, the ‘insert’ tab. If we press, immediately below, the option “see more”, we can configure the format: video size, color of the frame, show or hide the suggestions once the video is finished , and so on. We can also share the video from the minute and second we are, always ticando the box “start in”. Let no one miss your favorite video!

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