5 Useful uses for your old Android tablet

Over the years, the tablets have become popular so it is common to have several in each house. With a very long technical life, we may even have an old tablet that does not serve our normal use. But before we get rid of it, let’s see five ways to give it a new life.

Tablet for children

Our little ones love digital devices, but leaving our new and powerful tablet is not advisable: risk of falling, possibility of erasing valuable information … Although we can install some applications of parental control , it is best to take advantage of that old tablet  so they can watch their videos, play their games such as geometry dash , etc.

Second monitor

Maybe we need a second screen for our computer, and our old tablet may be the solution. Have two different desktops at the same time, stream in two different rooms , statistics screen while we play, etc. Either via WiFi or a cable, we connect it to our computer and through applications such as Splashtop or Remote Desktop we can perform this function.

Smart house control

With the growing number of connected devices in our home (appliances, smart bulbs, speakers with personal assistant, surveillance devices, etc.) we can use our tablet as a “remote control” of all of them, the best thing is that in almost all cases , these devices are controlled from free apps provided by each manufacturer, so we just have to install and connect.

Multimedia center

Our multimedia life is growing by leaps and bounds: music, photos, movies and series that we have on our computers, smart TV, speakers connected by WiFi, etc. There are specific applications such as Kodi that allows us to manage all these devices and their contentusing it as a remote control in addition to downloading the lyrics of the songs we are listening to, subtitles for videos, etc.

GPS and on-board computer

How about having a GPS of last generation, with a large portable screen and many more features ? Well, our tablet , with adequate support, is the perfect solution. Either by SIM card or by WiFi connected to our smartphone , we will have a GPS that will also allow us to listen to music, watch videos (ideal for trips with the kids), etc.

These are just some of the ways we can take advantage of that old tablet that we have forgotten in a drawer. What do you think? Do you know any more? Do you dare to try them?

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